About Us

AARGUS INFOTEC is a young enterprise but run by seasoned industry professionals. AARGUS Infotec is ICT services solutions company. It provides value, connect and support to enterprises in the Computing, Storage, Networking, Security & Surveillance, Mobility, ICT Services, Digital Applications as well as ICT Trainings.

AARGUS Infotec’s portfolio is comprehensive and ever growing. Right from ICT & system integration services to Cloud, Digital applications, Education solutions to supply of products, AARGUS is at the forefront of every sector.

AARGUS follows a customized approach to first in-depth understanding of client’s requirements and then building effective solutions and delivering efficient services for our clients. 

Leveraging extensive network of partners, AARGUS provides holistic, multi-location, multi-service and multi-vendor solutions to both Public Sector as well as Corporates.